Check Out Some Simple but Effective SMS Marketing Ideas

According to reports, the online product purchase is significantly increased in comparison with the physical market sale with every passing year. As they were only 14% of the total sale made in 2013 but it jumped to 24% in the 2014, and it’s obvious that in this year 2015 it have definitely hiked more. This stat is quoted here just to give you an idea that how behaviors of the customer is changing drastically since last few years. So, now more and more people like to utilize various tech options provided to them via online stores making shopping more satisfactory endeavor. That’s why it’s important that marketers should also extract modern marketing tools available in the market to – to get better results in less expenditure.

 SMS Marketing Ideas

The marketing technique on which we are hinting towards here is SMS Marketing, as it’s the most affordable and productive marketing tool of this day and age. This tool allows any individual or company to promote their product or services by sending direct messages to existing or willing clients mobile phones. Down under check out some of the effective proficiencies of SMS marketing that can lead you to boost your business outreach and revenues.

Endorse Your Special Products:

SMS marketing can be used to spread details of your special product amongst your existing as well as prospective clients. As this technique allow users to make and send SMS campaigns to as many people as they want – by just entering their mobile numbers. This will help potential customers to get real time availability of some special products, which you have offered for them to get their hands instantly –before they become out of stock. Eventually, it will raise your business sales meaning that you earn more profits.

Announce Exclusive Discounts For Loyal Customer:

You can also announce exclusive deals or promotional discounts on products you want to your loyal customers. So, by taking the help of SMS marketing you can create and send special campaign announcing – this exclusive discount for loyal customers dedicatedly.

Offer Immediate Rewards:

Marketers can also make their customers happy by offering them an instant reward for the purchase of any particular product or service they have in store. So, as soon as a customer will receive an SMS containing details regarding reward possibility with purchase of product he/she might already be planning to buy – will rush to get this offer right away.


These above cited ones are only just a few SMS marketing ideas; any marketers can himself innovate and make special campaigns to persuade the buyers.