Corporate SMS Service Penetration and Availability in Pakistan

Corporate SMS is also a form of SMS marketing, but normally used by a particular company or brand for specific purposes. However, overall in Pakistan this is being used like usual SMS marketing, which is used to promote your business by spreading your message via bulk SMS. In Pakistan people who want to get corporate SMS can directly get this specific SMS plans from various Telco’s. As, various telecom operators working in the country have in store specific bulk SMS marketing plans for their corporate clients. This service with latest features now allows any company to send a message to multiple target mobile phone number – using only one mobile number.


The features offered by mobile operators in Pakistan in the vein of bulk corporate SMS plans includes, scheduling of SMS to be automatically sent later, groups creation, customization in the created groups, view and edit all group members, change language, creation of message templates and client can now also check the subscribed SMS account status.

However, because of several hindrances that client face when they want to subscribe to this corporate SMS plan in Pakistan by telecom operators have been searching for some alternate sources. Nevertheless, one should also understand that Telco’s position also, because they have to fulfill certain requirements and check the eligibility of the client – before awarding them corporate SMS plan as per their SOP’s.

Nevertheless, now the alternate of this corporate SMS marketing plan have emerged as now there are several companies are offering similar bulk SMS plans that Telco’s used to offer – that to with least documentation. Like this website is offering Zong like Corporate SMS service in cheap rate, for companies, brand, and individual clients to help promote their business and services through SMS marketing. Furthermore, there are also some lucrative branded and non-branded marketing SMS plans being offered to prospective clients. This aids clients to choose between the best suitable plans as per their needs. Moreover, as the specially designed API (Application Programming Interface) is also offered to clients upon buying any of the offered SMS marketing plans – to make and manage their SMS marketing campaigns in a systematic way. Because, this API lets user to keep an eye on expiry and remaining SMS as well as edit target mobile phone numbers as per their consent – upon which they want to send desired marketing SMS’s.

Ending Thoughts:

So, opt for only the best bulk marketing SMS service provider to advertise you business instantly by sending your promotional message to your target market mobile phones.