As a Deep Massage, Rolfing Can Improve Chronic Pain Conditions

With alternative medicine making headway in the American society, many adults suffering from chronic pain are turning to options outside of traditional medicine to control pain. While not always a replacement for traditional medicine, alternative medicine has become a common practice in supplementing or complimenting many pain management programs. Alleviating pain naturally is a key component of alternative medicine programs. Once such alternative medicine practice, used to alleviate chronic pain, is the practice of rolfing.

Rolfing, an often uncomfortable deep massage, is not a therapy may chronic pain patients seek out but, certainly, may need. Rolfing is a massage therapy technique that focuses on the deep stimulation of the connective tissues and is most effective in chronic pain associated with Achilles tendonitis, cervical pain, osteoarthritis, RSD, rheumatoid arthritis and even TMJ.

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As a progressive therapy, rolfing therapeutic benefits are generally achieved over ten therapy sessions. Because this alternative medicine and therapy approach is often uncomfortable, it is important to enlist the treatment from a massage therapist, or chiropractor, who is certified in the Rolf Institute practice. As a certification that requires two sessions of education, rolfing is a technique that is learned and then practiced to achieve perfection in results. Rolfing is similar to deep tissue massage that is also offered by Electric Full Body Shiatsu Recline w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C recliner. In the days following a rolfing massage therapy technique, many patients will report some soreness in muscles and joints but a significant alleviation in the pain associated with the health complication for which they sought rolfing therapy.

In fact, with ten sessions recommended, many patients will report significant improvement in as little as three to four sessions.rolfing massage videoAs a person who suffers from Bell’s Palsy, I, personally, experienced the overwhelming benefit of rolf therapy. While I did not require 10 sessions, I did attend four sessions, over four consecutive days, and had an almost full, and spontaneous, cure of my Bell’s Palsy symptoms. No longer did my mouth droop and eyelid blink irregularly. I was amazed by the outcome rolf massage therapy had upon my health and restoring the nerve and muscle function in my face following my Bell’s Palsy complication.

As with any alternative medicine approach, the key to optimal health outcomes lies in the accurate application of the treatment and use in a controlled and appropriate setting. While rolfing can be somewhat uncomfortable it is, truly, a massage therapy technique that is highly recommended to any chronic pain sufferer. To find a Rolf certified massage therapist in your area, visit the Rolf Institute for information on the alumni who have complete the important certification program.