Guide: How to Send Free SMS to Pakistan?

For people who are in the chase of knowing the easiest way and guidance for sending free SMS to Pakistan, here we are trying to enlighten our esteem reader with the whole process. Keep in view firstly; you have to choose between best website to send free SMS to Pakistan, because currently there are plenty of them available. Secondly, some sites do not require registering or signing up on the website for sending SMS – but some do. The purpose of asking users to register or sign up is just for accumulating data of the users being facilitated via the website for the portal’s administration. Nevertheless, it’s one time process once you have created a profile you choose a distinct username and password that you can use every to log in to your account on the website – allowing you to send free SMS to Pakistan.

Website to send free sms in Pakistan

And once you have created and activated your account email address or mobile phone number, then you can simply log in to that website and go to an SMS sending page. Many websites have developed dedicated pages for creating and sending free SMS to Pakistan. You are just going to that page and look for the SMS sending box. Once you have located it, the first thing that it will require is the receiver mobile operator code, which is or 4 digits in Pakistan. Afterwards, you will have to type the 7 digit mobile number of the recipient without operator code.

Then down under after inserting the network code and mobile number of the receiver you will see a text box, where you can write over 100 words to send a single message to any mobile number in Pakistan. The character length differs from site to site, but it’s mostly up to 160 characters for users to write what they want here. It merits mentioning here that you can also copy and paste any text from anywhere in this text box is you want to be able to share it with receiver back home in Pakistan.

Finally, once you have given the legitimate network code and mobile phone number of the recipient and also written what you wanted to in the text box the final is to write given captha or specific code in the designated box. Once you have one so then you just needed to tap on send button and instantly your SMS will be on its way to be received by receiver in Pakistan you wanted.

As we have described the whole process of sending free SMS to Pakistan, it’s an utterly easy to access feature just deeding a PC with working internet on it. Then just open web browser and types site from which you want to send free SMS to Pakistan follow the above mentioned steps and click send – that’s it your SMS would be sent to a mobile number you sought.