How to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal?

Nowadays, the biggest challenge in Bitcoin is that fact you can’t buy them easily. You can earn them, trade theme or even sell them. Even PayPal has endorsed Bitcoins over the past two years. However, it is a big issue for most of the people to find a credible place where they can easily buy Bitcoins with PayPal. There are many reasons as to why PayPal won’t allow this to happen. The biggest one are the scammers who buy bitcoin with PayPal from you or any third person and claim they haven’t received anything. This makes the transaction insecure and rather creates a conflict among the contracting parties.


However, we have some great ideas for you through which you can easily buy Bitcoins with PayPal.

1) Buy Bitcoins with PayPal through Virwox

By far there are no exchange services that allows the chargeback issue of buying Bitcoins with PayPal. For this reason, we will go with Virwox or Virtual World Exchange that uses a currency call as SLL or Second Life Linden Dollars. This is currently the world’s biggest currency. After you have bought this currency with PayPal, we can easily trade them with bitcoins. Virwox allows this method since you are not direct buying Bitcoins with PayPal, instead just selling your SSL with PayPal, and converting them to bitcoins.

2) Buying Bitcoins with PayPal through Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins gives you a great platform for buying bitcoins easily. If you are looking for additional methods, then look no other than Local Bitcoins. There are many Bitcoin sellers available on Local Bitcoins. So, you can sell them bitcoins in exchange of PayPal. Local Bitcoins is a simple, yet a safe marketplace where buyer meets sellers. When using this method, the credibility also comes into the deal. You can only buy Bitcoins with PayPal if the bitcoin seller is interested in doing so. You cannot force or beg any person to sell his or her bitcoins in exchange for PayPal dollars. Moreover, Local Bitcoins have a speedy transaction process, and you will get your bitcoins instantly. When finding a seller, you have to ensure that he has a good transaction history. His trust score and communication must be efficient and reliable. This ensures that you aren’t investing or trading something that might cause you a big loss.

3) Buy Bitcoins with PayPal through Circle

This method is bitten tricky and works only if you are living in the US and have a PayPal Debit MasterCard. When you have the car, you can easily connect it with Circle and buy your bitcoins. In this way, you will be indirectly buying Bitcoins with PayPal. The money will be credited from your PayPal, but in real you will be using your PayPal account.

As you all know that PayPal isn’t offering its service in some countries that also includes Pakistan. However, I have read a great method that allows to have a verified PayPal account in Pakistan and other countries deprived of its benefits. You can check out that method today and get your PayPal verified and buy bitcoins.