4 Best Free Email Clients for Windows PC in 2015

Email Clients are the windows software’s, which allows users to do their heavy emailing with a lot more ease by using the furnished feature of them. Because, this handy tool permit user to send and receive even import contacts from other email services they are using already. Also makes sending emails and scheduling of emails so easy that consumes lot of time if you do it from your email accounts using their default features.

Email Clients

Here we are presenting in de-depth review of some best email clients for windows to check out their feature aptly.

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is the most preferred email client of more than 10 million users across the world. It offers more number of over 1,000 add-ons integration proficiency with social network accounts and many design tweaks for its valued users. It makes heavy emailing tasks so easy to manage within few minutes with its adequate feature like “Get Mail”, “Write”, with another selection to import my Calendar and Contacts along with my mail.


  1. eM Client

Having an interface like Microsoft Outlook eM client is another one of the best available email clients out there. It offers the obligatory emailing services in the best possible way so that user can understand and make use of them easily. The significant feature of this client includes Delete, Write New, Reply All, and some other. These features are presented at the top menu bar, in the three column outline presenting a lucid view of user’s emails, inboxes and third party linked email accounts.


  1. Inky

Inky can be another good choice amongst email clients for users who mostly likes to use multiple email accounts at once. It’s one of the most vibrant looking email clients around offering features like custom settings, which enable user to add any email account – if they identify the server’s inputs. Cloud syncing that is another feature of this email client, allowing linking your default account – which makes sure that user email is synced across various versions available of Inky. Furthermore, user sort messages by their significance so that you can make out most significant emails from important contacts up front. All in all it’s a worth trying email client for every user.


  1. Claws Mail

Dissimilar to the majority of the other email applications around, Claws Mail is a return offering an interface similar to Windows XP. For users who don’t like cluster of unneeded graphical objects, Claws Mail furnishes a vibrant change by making available a basic easy to use interface. Underneath, Claws Mail has the greater part of the components and elements of an all the more famously composed email customer, with the capacity to have numerous email records and email threading. Overall, it’s an email client without any hustle.


Cool WhatsApp Status for Cool People!

As WhatsApp contains countless profiles of users from all across the world, then why not make your profile more interesting than others. For this endeavor there are many tactics can be applied, but the easiest one is to adorn your profile with awesome WhatsApp status messages. Now day’s there are several websites like Pingzic, which has some new cool Whatsapp messages in their cool status section.

I love Listening to Lies - cool Whatsapp status


Cool Whatsapp Status

  1. I Wish My Parents Were Like Google. They Should Understand Me Even Before I Complete.
  2. I am Neither Batman Nor Superman However i am superhero for my women..!
  3. Here my dad comes on whatsapp… From now on my status would be ‘***no status***’ or just a smiley…
  4. Just finished blocking some numbers on whatsapp, if you can read this then you got lucky.
  5. Every problem comes with a solution. If it doesn’t have any solution, it’s a…………. woman 🙂

So, make use of these marvelously crafted status messages and post them on to your profiles at different times as per your consent. This will certainly make your profile more happening than others and will make you seem cool in the hearts and minds of your profile visitors. Also, these people may also include the ones you want to impress, by setting unique WhatsApp statuses they might also visit your profile and get impress.

Although, there are lots of other ways to look cool on WhatsApp like setting an adorable profile picture, which can be your own or any random one. Since the first thing other WhatsApp users witness in anyone’s profile has been its profile picture, other things, including name, status comes later in the consideration. But, no one can deny the importance of WhatsApp status messages in this regard; because creative status messages make you look cooler than the other – if it contains some striking substance in it.

Furthermore, how come you see through a WhatsApp status, which is composed by some users having their feeling in it – for someone they adore to read and understand their love. This approach is being adopted by several users all over the world to put across their feelings through their custom made status. This approach permits them to enlighten their profile visitors, which can be any one of their contacts to know exactly what is in your mind.

Thus, for making yourself more acceptable over world’s most popular communication Smartphone app, it’s important now to decorate it with exceptional WhatsApp status messages. Also, we see that most of the WhatsApp users once set a WhatsApp status than for months not bothers to change it. This lethargic attitude towards your status makes you look uninteresting, which certainly allow others to form a negative impression about you. Therefore, to look cool and remaining cool on WhasApp in the eyes of others, it’s necessary to adorn your profile with some wonderfully crafted status messages.

It’s also not so tough to do, any user can simply copy a status message they like and put it on its own profile – as everyone does not have to compose their own unique one. It’s the easiest way to come across cool on WhatsApp, which is the jam-packed free Smartphone app that exists at present.

Latest WhatsApp Update will Make it More Amazing

WhatsApp that already encompass some of the most alluring features amongst all its category communication Smartphone apps, which is why it’s at the top. But as per the reports, it will soon become more amazing for its more than 850 million registered users. WhtasApp has already furnishes the most easy to use free chatting and files sharing features, which allows user to experience an interesting way of communication. WhatsApp instant chat and status messages have become most aiding thing for teenage lovers to express their feelings. There are some wonderfully crafted status messages available online these days, like this guy has shared a funny post about Whatsapp status messages and some cartoon characters.

WhatsApp latest update.

Now coming back to the core info regarding what is coming WhatsApp users way, in the latest update that is currently in its beta phase. The new update build is version 2.12.194 and will bring one of the most desired features bringing the “Mark as Unread” option. This feature will permit WhatsApp users to mark any particular chat conversation as unread, to deal with it later whenever you want. This option is going to be mighty helpful countless others, to take care of any chat with an individual or group when you’re up for it – in your free time. This happens mostly that we receive an important WhatsApp message when we are in a tangle in the middle of some work any other task. This is when you can simply mark that chat as unread and do it later aptly – by concentrating on what the other person is trying to say.

Furthermore, the other integral update to be seen in the new WhatsApp update is the option of receiving customized notifications. The user can now set and get modified means different notification particulars for each contact to know instantly that whom they have received WhatsApp message. This customization in notifications includes different ringtone, and can even decide upon whether or not it should generate a popup message or not for a WhatsApp message from various contacts.

Lastly, the final feature to come with the latest update of world’s most popular communication app WhatsApp the availability of “Low data usage” mode. This feature will now allow users to monitor how much data your WhatsApp application should consume. And users can also restrict it to a specific set data target limit to stop usage after reaching the certain count.

These three features, which we have described above, will certainly make WhatsApp a more remarkable Smartphone app to use – while making contact with anyone they want.

What Perks WhatsApp Employees had when it got acquired by Facebook?

Facebook has just now got the cellular messenger support WhatsApp for $19 million. Established by two Google workers, in just over four years last year whats app has developed to 420 million monthly customers.


Facebook continues to be driving on the customers a unique messenger service, only without much achievement.

The surge in the variety of smart mobile phones recently has also seen a growth in instant-messaging solutions. Well-known solutions like Line WeChat and Viber each have over 100m customers. Whatsapp clothes betrothal but additionally that graph in maybe not only amount of customers. With the – quantity at 19 thousand emails delivered and 34 million acquired, the entire world-wide text quantity will be shortly trumped by the messaging support.

In accordance with Sotirios Paroutis at Warwick Business-School, Mark Zuckerberg is going to make Facebook a cellular business with WhatsApp and Instagram. “In yesteryear whatsapp creators happen to be outspoken in their own objection to be gotten with a bigger company. Therefore beyond their particular compensation bundle, the guarantee to maintain whats app as a completely independent support has seemingly helped provide the two parties jointly,” he stated.

With just 55 workers, WhatsApp’s $19-thousand value can, within an alternative world where each worker was was presented with the same reveal, bring in $350 thousand per worker. That is when that business was purchased out for $1-billion in 2012, almost five times what workers of Instagram could have got.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum possesses a 4 5% equity position, making him worth $6.8 million while cofounder John Act On gets $3 million for his 20-percent position. Workers that are early apparently have 1-percent positions, which gives each of these $160 thousand each.

While creators take large chunks of the net income from such offers away, with so few workers the windfall may nevertheless make several others wealthy. In a few instances, that way of Skype’s purchase by Ms, the sloping submission may abandon nothing to workers. Worse nevertheless, Felix Salmon at Reuters highlights that due to the manner these offers are organized, workers can do little to fight.